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TeX subset into MathML conversion via MathJax

Ivan Shmakov
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>>>>> Guenter Milde <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
>>>>> On 2012-06-01, Ivan Shmakov wrote:
>>>>> Guenter Milde <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:

[Cross-posting to news:comp.text.xml, for obvious reasons.]


>>> However, for math in HTML you may also consider using mathjax,
>>> which offers a very comprehensive solution both as online and
>>> offline JavaScript converter of LaTeX math code embedded in HTML
>>> pages.

>> I'll take a look at it, though I don't know whether it's going to be
>> feasible to tie JavaScript code to the Perl-based core.

> JavaScript is not required during the document generation, only when
> viewing the generated HTML document. If you go for the online
> option, you do not even need to install any JavaScript (instead, the
> user viewing the document needs an internet connection (should be no
> problem when browsing a wiki)

I'd like to note that Ikiwiki-based sites may be relatively easy
to mirror (so to facilitate offline reading), and may also allow
for uploading of offline edits.

> and browser settings allowing to download and run the converter
> skript in order to see the pretty printed output - otherwise he/she
> sees the LaTeX source (which is IMO a safe and sensible fallback).

The reason why I don't like such an approach is twofold. First
of all, I generally dislike the now-widespread notion of
“webpage is code we send to your computer” — be it Java, Flash,
ECMAScript, or whatever else. (Not to mention that, Lynx, my
Web browser of choice, doesn't support JavaScript.)

On the other side, I may wish to apply some post-processing to
the formulae. And if those are in LaTeX at the server, — I'm
back to the original problem.

Though I'll probably check if MathJax could be of some use,


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