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Re: Inheritance from template problem

Balog Pal
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"DSF" <(E-Mail Removed)>
> Seriously, when I compile the following code, I get the error: "B::i
> is not accessible" on the line "f = Tptr->i".

Yep. Just followinfg the rules.

i is protected member of class B. Why do you think it could be seen from
class D that is not derived from B?

> It compiles fine if "i" is made public.


> I assume it has something to do with the declaration
> of class "D".
> I tried class "D : public A<B>, public B" with the same results.

If you add that you can write
f = i;

However Tptr->i is still not accessible as it is not part of the base class
you inherited but an unrelated instance.

If you really like you can hack around using a pointer-to-member, but I'd
suggest you to forget 'protected' entirely and make a clean public

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