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Boost function/bind problem

Fuzzy Coder
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Hello there.
I am trying to use the Boost function type in conjunction with bind, in
order to
homogenise some code.

class C1

someOp(int i, float f) { /* ... */ } ;


class C2

otherOp(int i, float f) { /* ... */ } ;


typedef boost::function<void (int, float) > F ;
F func[2] ;

C1 c1 ;
C2 c2 ;

I want to use boost::bind to do the following abstract functions :

f[0] = lambda(int i, float f) : c1.someOp(i,f) ;
f[1] = lambda(int i, float f) : c2.otherOp(i,f) ;

I have achieved the above when the ops on C1/C2 only have one input
argument (op(int) etc) . But when I try functions with more than one
argument, my attempts fail when I use boost::bind.

If anyone can show how f[0] and f[1] would be defined using boost::bind
etc, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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