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Re: Aliasing in C99

Xavier Roche
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On 05/31/2012 04:01 PM, David Brown wrote:
> It is also possible to use pointers to unions in casts:

This would break strict aliasing, too. You probably need an intermediate
union for that. Another way would be to only use union everywhere (on
x86-64 ABI, it will be stored in a integer register when passed as
argument to functions, so this won't make too much harm)

The unfortunate thing is that gcc, for example, will correctly handle
the integer part, but tend to copy temporarily to the stack the
register, and copy it back to the floating register. (gcc 4.3, Linux
ABI, x86-64)

Note: you may want to check out this excellent introduction to strict
aliasing here:
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Xavier Roche
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Le 31/05/2012 20:47, David Brown a écrit :
> But I think gcc does it this way because the
> floating point data is in an SSE register of some sort, and can't easily
> be moved into a normal register

Hmm, no, you can do that quite easily (movq %rax,%xmm0 for example).

I'm wondering if this is because gcc has troubles extracting pieces of
data inside a structure put in a register (structures of size <= 8 are
packed entirely in a register if I am correct on this architecture)

So I'll double check the produced code on other archs to be sure if I
were you
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