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Scientifically prove to be Britain's most beautiful woman!

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This would make me laugh if it wasn't so ridiculous. Science can't measure beauty because beauty is subjective. Symmetry is not necessarily beauty. In fact I personally find perfectly symmetrical faces extremely boring, and far from "beautiful". I didn't find the girl in the video particularly beautiful either. Granted, she wasn't exactly ugly, but far from beautiful in my subjective opinion. asymmetrical faces are more beautiful to me because they are more interesting, whereas perfectly symmetrical faces are less likely to get my attention. Again, this is just my OPINION because beauty is SUBJECTIVE. All I can say is that I seriously hope that people aren't putting too much stock into this crap. There's already so many young people out there who are brain washed by the media into thinking that they aren't good enough. We don't need this rubbish doing the rounds either. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.
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