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cbc_crypt functioning

jacob navia
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Le 03/05/12 19:35, Barry Schwarz a écrit :
> On Thu, 03 May 2012 13:04:17 +0100, Ben Bacarisse
> <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>> "Bill Cunningham"<(E-Mail Removed)> writes:

> snip
> We are being trolled. Bill has already changed the topic twice. He
> started with iterating functions, then claimed he didn't understand
> the difference between if and for, and now this gibberish. And just
> for good measure, he started at least two new threads with different
> subjects.
> I never should have responded to the first one.

It is easy to stop cunningham.

I wrote to his first thread "sort of an iterating function":

Your state of mind, as reflected by your prose, is utter confusion.
You imply in your posts that somehow your medication is responsible but
that is not the problem. The problem is that you assume that the other
people are responsible for your nonsense and that you do not have to
make the effort of RE-READING what you write 2 or 3 times to ensure
that the grammar is correct and that anyone can understand what you

For instance you could have written "bcrypt" instead of ?_bcrypt
as you wrote. A simple re-reading would have fixed that. But you do
not make any effort at all to re-read what you write. Just post it.
The others should make the necessary effort.

That is a LAZY attitude that leads you to NOTHING. You have never made
ANY progress, either in C or in English in the last 8+ years
that you have been posting nonsense here. Before learning C you
should try to write a single post WITHOUT any error of grammar.

Make an effort Cunningham. Stop pitying yourself.


Then he started a new thread.
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Ben Bacarisse
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"Bill Cunningham" <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:

> Ben Bacarisse wrote:
>> Which bit is causing trouble? "unsigned int" is one of a whole range
>> of unsigned integer types in C (unsigned long long int, unsigned char,
>> unsigned short int and so on). size_t is some unsigned integer type
>> but not necessarily unsigned int. It might, for example, be unsigned
>> long int.

> unsigned char is an int?

No, and I don't think I said it was. "int" is a C type. "integer" is
an English word that describes a property shared by may C types.
unsigned char is an integer type. One of many integer types in C.

> I thought there were several types but they
> weren't all ints. Signed and unsignedness I know.
> shorts longs and long longs I can understand as ints but I've never thought
> of a char being an int.

None of them are "ints", all of them are integer types.

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Kaz Kylheku
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On 2012-05-03, jacob navia <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> It is easy to stop cunningham.

For something easy, it sure is taking a lot of years with no evidence of

There is a new word for the Cunninghams out there: "help vampire".
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