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Problem with updating my GUI

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So I have a GUI intended for a game. In the game you go through several rooms. Whenever you enter a new room you get as many Buttons as there are exits to the room, logically one for each. That is the theory however. I have managed to set it up so the buttons are dynamically generated according to the number of exits to the room, and have the new Buttons drawn. However, they are layered behind the OLD toolbar (which includes two lists and another panel intended for Buttons later on) and the old toolbar stays rigid in its place. When I resize the window the NEW toolbar resizes along with it, but the OLD toolbar stays in the exact same spot, even if I resize the frame so it is no longer on it and then return it to original size it is still there. I've read stuff about validating and revalidating and removing and packing, but none of that seemed to help, though I'm really unsure at what point I need to do any of that. I can post the entirety of my code here, but me being german it contains some german names, also it is pretty amateurish code. So yeah. Can anyone help?
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