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PIX-515e firewall password reset?

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Hello, and thanks for your time. I am trying to reset my password on a used pix-515e firewall I bought online. Here are some things that I tripped up on on this guide

1) How do I find the IP address of the PIX Firewall's interface?
2) How do I find the IP address of the remote TFTP server containing the PIX password recovery file?
3)What do I put for the gateway IP?

This is just for a LAB, I have a router and a couple switches I am using.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I may have figured out my question on my own but now im stuck, i will just use this same thread...
what I think answers my q's:
1) this is the ip I give it via the address command
2) ip of my computer/server

these are the steps that I do..
1) turn off wireless...probably not needed.
2) goto my LAN network options and click on ipv4 options
3) i tell it to use the ip and click ok
4) I run my server on the ip
5) I connect my firewall via ETHERNET to my laptop(i also have the console serial connected)
6) i go into my terminal and type address ...this is the ip I want for the firewall
7) then i type server ...ip of my comp/server
8.) I use the command ping to test the connection and it says 0/5 successful ...what could I be doing wrong???

I checked out wireshark to see what was happening and it would always say port unreachable...i am using the port 69 on my tftp server

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