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AddNamedItem throws exception

David Manns
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We have a scripting engine interface in our application. This works
fine for loading/calling VBscript and Javascript scripting engines,
but PythonScript fails. Specifically, it fails at :
m_pAxsScript->AddNamedItem("application", SCRIPTITEM_NAMEDITEM)
where m_pAxsScript is the IActiveScript interface acquired through
CoCreateInstance. The exception returned is:
which to my mind implies some kind of 'access denied' error. We are
using Python 2.7.2 and Pywin32 2.7 on a Windows 7 32-bit system. We
have this problem here on a test machine that was set up to match that
in use at one of our customers who is now stuck being unable to run
his scripts.

Any clues or suggestions would be gratefully received.


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