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Defining Constants

Gene Wirchenko
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Dear JavaScripters:

I want to include some constants for use with my date type. This
is related to my question about toString() parameters.

Should I do

1) Defined in Object

function JustDate()


2) Defined Outside Object


function JustDate()

Does it really matter?


Gene Wirchenko
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Dr J R Stockton
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In comp.lang.javascript message <c8nke7t4hcpkapltpsntad1d55k7le2q8u@4ax.
com>, Thu, 15 Dec 2011 14:42:00, Gene Wirchenko <(E-Mail Removed)> posted:

>1) Defined in Object
> function JustDate()
> {
> this.JDFmtISO8601=1;
> this.JDFmtIMA=2;

Avoid "JD" in this context; it already has an established meaning in
connection with dates.

Consider also

var GWC = { JDFmtISO8601 : 1 , JDFmtIMA : 2 , ... }

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