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UTF-8 in ASCX will not render correctly

Peter Styk
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Hello, i believe i've tried everything before posting here. Can anyone help?

In web config i have the following globalization:

<globalization requestEncoding="UTF-8"

My page header says this:
<%@ Page language="c#" Codebehind="WebForm7.aspx.cs" AutoEventWireup="false"
Inherits="project.WebForm7" culture="pl-PL" codePage="65001"%>

I have a blank page, i type the following text

󶼿 ʣӦ.jpg (may not display correctly here)

now i paste the same text into an epty ASCX control and drop it on the new
ASPX page right below the above text.

When code compiles and renders on the page... this is what i get


󶼿 ʣӦ.jpg (may not display correctly here)

?? ??.jpg (may not display correctly here)


Is this a bug? Is there a way around it? I really want to use UTF-8
instead of 1250 but most of my work for the project is in controls
How can i force my ASCX controls to input and output correctly in UTF-8?
I have english version of VS.NET 2003. I tried running this code on
Server2003 both Polish and English. same result

Please at least let me know, is my only option going back to 1250?

Peter Styk

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