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parsing mozilla's Error stack property (FF4+)

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Well, after 5 years of using Pointy Ears's RegExp hack, I now have to
update my libraries. The original solution is here:

It appears that this logic now fails as it perpetuates in the for
loop. I don't really want to troubleshoot why the regexp is now doing
this but need a fix so I can support FF 4x+ in my frameworks. I know
that someone probably has this done already.

Does anybody have any latest and greatest ways of parsing Firefox
Error.stack into usable elements: Function name, Line number, Path/
Resource that would support FF 3.6 thru FF 5?

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The solution to parsing the Mozilla error.stack is to not try and use
the RegEx.exec as a function call like while(MyRegEx.exec(error.stack))
{... as was originally suggested in original thread.

The proper way to do this is to first split error.stack into an array,
loop through the elements then parse via RegEx.exec() one row at a

I have updated my libraries on my side and all is good in the world of

- JsD
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