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UIP Tasks
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I'm new to UIP and am currently using it for a web project. I'm using
v 2.0 of the UIP Application Block. I understand Model-View-Controller
well, and have figured out how to navigate between pages.

I'm having some trouble understanding Tasks and what they are actually
used for. It states that tasks are a snapshot of state for a user
interface process. What I don't understand is how to get at the task
information, or what benefit even creating a task is for. All that the
controllers or UIPManager has access to is a TaskId, but not the task

I'm trying to pass information from one page to another, but am not
sure how to do so with tasks. I recognize that there is a
TaskArgumentsHolder class, but how does one set this information? If
you pass arguments in this way, then what is the purpose of the Task
class? What is the best way for passing information from one page to
another? Any insight would be helpful.

Thank you

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