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Giving a window an onblur event

Laser Lips
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Hi, this is not as easy as it sounds. Sorry it's long winded, here is
some background

I've written an application which is something like a media viewer.
You can upload Documents, Images, Videos, Sounds and anything else you
like. The files are stored in a database as text, not as files on the
hard drive.

A user can use an interface to scroll through the media that has been
uploaded. If they scroll on to an Image, the image is retrieved from
the database, written to a file, and then an <IMG> tag has it's SRC
changed to the newly created file. When the user stops viewing the
image, the image is deleted from the file system.

If the user scrolls over something other than an image, the media is
retrieved from the database and written to a file as before, then a
window opens up with the location of the written file. If it happens
to be something that the system recognises, it opens the file with the
appropriate application. IF the Computer does not recognize the file
it offers to download it for you, or open in an application of your

This behaviour is fine, except (my boss) would like this open window
to automatically close when the user decides to either download or
choose an application.

Is it possible to inject some JavaScript into the opening window for
an onBlur event, or attach one from the opening window. So far I've
been unsuccessful.

Please let me know if this is not clear.

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