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Firefox back button takes me back 2 pages.

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Hi all,

I have a Firefox problem.

I have 3 pages:
page 1 uses an <A> tag to get the user to page 2
page 2 uses Javascript to set the location.href to get the user to
page 3
page 3 is the destination page and the user will press Back from

When the user presses the Back button from page 3 in IE, IE goes back
to page 2, as desired.

When the user presses the Back button in Firefox however,
the browser bypasses page 2 entirely and goes to page 1.

I've tried setting "location.referer" in page 2 so that
FF would be forced to go there, to no avail. Wrong variable?

How to ensure that FF goes to page 2?

Thanks for any help.

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