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Amazon product previews problem

Ben Straub
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Hello. The Intargoogle has failed me, and I'm hoping for some guru
insight. I'm not sure if these are the right places to post this, but
here goes.

I'm writing a small wishlist application in Rails, and I'm trying to
incorporate Amazon Product Previews (see the demo here if you don't
know what this is: I'm able to recognize
amazon product links (the regex isn't too hard) and insert my
referrer-id, but the script-include that Product Previews is generating
a raft of requests to my mongrel server. Here's the snippet I inserted
just before the </body> tag on all my pages (as per the amazon

<script type="text/javascript"
<img src=""
alt="" />

Looking at my log, I see lots of lines like this:

Processing PeopleController#function (property) { var results = [];
this.each(function (value, index) {results.push(value[property]);});
return results;}
(for at 2007-01-12 08:54:36) [GET]
Session ID: 460f7da5266f6c1e87653c2ddf903023
Parameters: {"action"=>"function (property) { var results = [];
this.each(function (value, index) results.push(value[property]);});
return results;}", "controller"=>"people"}

This indicates that the browser is sending a GET for a javascript
anonymous function declaration to my server. WTF? Oh, and I've tried
serving a static HTML page with Apache with the same script-include,
and my log doesn't show the dozens of "function ..." requests.

Any ideas? I can try to recognize the requests and simply deny them,
but that still leaves the browser waiting for 80-some round trips to
the server before the page is finished loading.

Thanks in advance,

-- Ben

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