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two types of newlines (\n and \r\n) and browser

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Not a question.

I tested how two kinds of newlines (\n and \r\n) interact with three
browsers: Fx (Firefox 2), Op (Opera 9), Ie (IE 7) (all three on Windows


The string 'A\nB\r\nC' contains both forms of newlines.

var s1 = 'A\nB\r\nC';
document.getElementById('textarea_id').value = s1;
Above code will put that string to a textarea. In all three browsers,
the textarea will then look like:
|A |
|B |
|C |

Then let's do this:
var s2 = document.getElementById('textarea_id').value;
Now, in all three browsers, s2 is not the same as s1.
In Fx, we have s2 == 'A\nB\nC'. In Op and Ie, we have s2 ==

Suppose we have the following html code.
<textarea id="foo">A
<textarea id="bar"></textarea>

Open it in browser and type A, Enter, B, Enter and C in the textarea
with id "bar" and click a button which does:
s3 = document.getElementById('foo').value;
s4 = document.getElementById('bar').value;

Now, in Fx, s2 == s3 == s4 == 'A\nB\nC'. In Op and Ie, s2 == s3 == s4
== 'A\r\nB\r\nC'.

In most cases, it's not needed to care about two kinds of newlines. But
in some cases, it is.

Suppose we want to take text from a textarea and count the number of
letters in each line and show the numbers.
For example, If I fill the textarea as below:
|My name is |
|Hiro Nakamura. |
|I have a message.|
, the result should be:
|10 |
|14 |
|17 |

The corresponding javascript should be:

function lines2Numbers(s){
var li = s.split('\n');
for(var i=0;i<li.length;i++){ li[i] = li[i].length };
return li.join('\n');

button1.onclick = function(){
var i = document.getElementById('input');
var o = document.getElementById('output');
// o.value = lines2Numbers(i.value); No.
o.value = lines2Numbers(i.value.replace(/\r\n/g,'\n')); // Yes.


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John G Harris
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In article <(E-Mail Removed) .com>,
HopfZ <(E-Mail Removed)> writes
>Not a question.
>I tested how two kinds of newlines (\n and \r\n) interact with three
>browsers: Fx (Firefox 2), Op (Opera 9), Ie (IE 7) (all three on Windows


HTML allows three kinds of line terminators : CR, LF, and CRLF. In
javascript these are \r, \n, and \r\n.

I'm not surprised that text held in a DOM object uses whatever line
terminator is convenient for the browser.

John Harris
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