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passing values JavaScript/VBScript
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I have a page, which adds on a value to the query string on the client
side before redirecting the user...

function popcalc( url, pagename, w, h) {
var urllink = url + "famount=" + document.form1.finance_total.value;
popup(urllink, pagename, w, h);

function popup( url, pagename, w, h) {
var pupwindow = null;
toptions =
"menubar=no,toolbar=no,directories=no,status=no,co pyhistory=no,resizable=no,scrollbars=yes,width="
+ w + ",height=" + h;
pupwindow = url, pagename, toptions);
if (pupwindow != null) {
if (pupwindow.opener == null) {
pupwindow.opener = self;
//pupwindow.location.href = url;

My task is encrypt the query string, through the use of a VBScript
function on the server side. So, I have tried finding a work around to
this problem. I've tried using cookies, but I do not get the same
behaviour with the popup window.

Thanks for your help.

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