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target frame javascript
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I've used the following actionscript in my Flash navigational buttons
to load the 5 individual contentpages in the content frame of my
frameset named "content"

getURL("", "content");

This works ok.

In case someone types, I didn't want
just the mail.htm page to be displayed. Without the navigational frame
I mean. I solved this with the following javascript in each of the 5
pages, so that instead the homepage is loaded. Meaning the index.htm

<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">
if (window == top) {
top.location.replace("index.htm"); } //-->

This also works ok.

But now I get an email from somebody saying that when she clicks on any
flash button, instead of the page being loaded into the "content" frame
of the index frameset, the homepage is reloaded. As if in her case the
javascript doesn't recognize the "content" part in the geturl. Thinking
just the mail.htm is being accessed. Or as of the Flash button doesn't
use the "content" part.

I haven't heard any complaints like this, but what could be wrong in
her case? She both tried Internet Explorer and Firefox and uses the
latest flash player and sun java.

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