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comp.lang.javascript FAQ question

Randy Webb
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VK said the following on 8/9/2006 8:13 AM:
> Dr John Stockton wrote:
>> Circumstances change, and there is no working mechanism for changing a
>> Usenet newsgroup charter (AFAIK; better-run hierarchies can do it).

> There is a good working mechanism against of the "up to time
> voluntarism".

Nothing in that sentence makes any sense.

> I NEVER thought to teach you about the Usenet but... Quis Custodiet
> Ipsos Custodes?

Before you can teach something, you have to understand it, so you were
right, you can't teach about Usenet.

> You cannot change it, but you can define and narrow it in your
> /private/ posts.

"private" posts in Usenet? No comment.

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Randy Webb
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Richard Cornford said the following on 8/4/2006 12:31 PM:
> VK wrote:


>> I spent this space to analyse this particular "VK is wrong" case
>> to show how easy one can try to put another person down with no
>> much of efforts and not too many supporters. I mean - any person.

> Do you want to hold another of your straw polls? OK. (borrowing from
> your own practice on interpreting abstentions, as demonstrated nearby):
> would all those people who think VK is _not_ consistently incorrect,
> foolish and worthless vote here stating the fact. All abstentions will
> be considered as a vote against the proposition.

Does this mean the vote was about 6,000 to nothing that VK is
consistently incorrect? I base my 6K on VK's own Google stats of c.l.j
having 6,000 posters.

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