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loop through an array and load image
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Here is some idea of what I am trying to do.

1 - Preload my images to the page.
2 - When user clicks the imgclick.gif
2 - the javascript will loop through these images one at a time at
approximatly 50 millisconds using id="imgmain" as its holder.
3 - when the javascript gets to the the last image in the loop I need
to have another webpage load with the target being _self.

Here is the javascript that I have so far.



<script language="javascript"><!--
//Preload Images
var image01 = new Image();
image01.src = "images/img1.gif";
var image02 = new Image();
image02.src = "images/img2.gif";
var image03 = new Image();
image03.src = "images/img3.gif";

function doPreload()
var the_images = new Array('images/img1.gif',
function preloadImages(the_images_array) {
for(var loop = 0; loop < the_images_array.length;
var an_image = new Image();
an_image.src = the_images_array[loop];

// Not sure how to build a function here that will loop through the
images(or the Array) and and load the images into the "imgmain".


<meta content="Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 7.1"
<meta content=""

<body onload="doPreload();">
<IMG id="imgmain" src="images/img1.gif" border="0">
<IMG id="imgclick" src="images/imgclick.gif">


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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