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popup window delay... will this work for me.
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Hello i have a peculiar problem..
i have a link in my webpage, which opens a pop-up window, in whch i'm
embedding a flash file..
this works fine as long as i give enough time to load the flash file
if i close the pop-up window before it propely loads the flash fiels,
my original webpage gets hanged.
so i thought i'l open my pop-up after some delay, such that there is
enough time to load the flash file properly.
my code looks like this..

function Start(URL, WIDTH, HEIGHT) {
windowprops = "left=50,top=50,width=" + WIDTH + ",height=" + HEIGHT;
preview =, "preview", windowprops);
if (closetime) setTimeout("preview.close();", closetime*1000);

function open_new(page) {
width = 267; // width of window in pixels
height = 103; // height of window in pixels
delay = 2; // time in seconds before popup opens
timer = setTimeout("Start( page, width, height)", delay*1000);

but still my problem is not solved.. any other mechanism, or any
modification in the code required..
please help as i'm very new to java script.

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