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adding elements to an array...

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how to do you add elements to an array? am looking at section dealing
with arrays in JS Bible, can't find how you add to an array.. in the
last few years I've been doing much more Java than JS, am used to Java,
where you can't add elements to an array, but use a Vector instead.. and
it's very easy to add to it (use add() method..) how to you add
elements to an array in JavaScript..

I looked up array obj, don't see method to add to array...

thank you..
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Martin Honnen
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Frances wrote:

> how to do you add elements to an array?

There is a push method that adds its arguments to the end of the array e.g.
var a = [0, 1, 2];
Note that push is not supported by IE 5/Win with the JScript 5.0 engine.
You can always do e.g.
a[a.length] = 3;

There are other methods to change the array, see
< #Mutator_methods>


Martin Honnen
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Michael Winter
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On 30/05/2006 20:59, Vic Sowers wrote:


> a[-1] = "Zero";
> a["Zero"] = -1;

Neither of these will be array elements.

What constitutes an array index has been described several times (both
by myself and others).

See, for example:

Author: Michael Winter
Date: 2004-12-07 10:26:36
Message-ID: opsimviozvx13kvk@atlantis


in the thread, "Roundup of FAQ change requests".


Michael Winter
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