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Refer to a table row using a variable?
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Hi, I hope someone can help me with what is probably quite an easy

I need to store a string in a variable, and then use that variable to
refer to a table row. For example:

var row = 'row10';

My row is defined as:

<tr id='row10'>

If I use "'white' then it works, but if I
use the variable then it doesn't. I have tried it with and without
square brackets. What I am I doing wrong?


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Martin Honnen
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      01-14-2006 Removed) wrote:

> var row = 'row10';

> My row is defined as:
> <tr id='row10'>

Have you never heard about
var element = document.getElementById(row);
then? That is the main way in the W3C DOM to access an element by the
value of its id attribute, whether that is a tr element or just about
any other element in a HTML document.


Martin Honnen
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Thank you. I had never heard of that, but it's working now.


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