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Using AJAX to do inline, inpage file uploads

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PJ wrote:
> I have been using a component from for years.
> After creating a unique id that is appended to the action attribute on the
> form that does the post for the upload, I can then use this id in get
> requests to get informatation on the progress of the upload. I perform
> these get requests with XHR requests on the client side and handle the
> requests on the server side, where I send the data on the progress of the
> upload back in xml. The javascript updates an html progress bar, and byte
> count / total bytes of the upload.
> This "approx" "working model" handles 80 Gig ( yes, GIG ) uploads as
> accurately as my eye is able to discern.
> I love people that have looked into a solution, failed to find one, and thus
> determine their problem is "impossible" to solve.

That is a subject substitution. I did not say that there were not ways
to have a status report for upload/download operations in browser. You
see such report in action every time you're downloading something from
the Web.

The problem is not solvable by using only default browser tools (HTML
elements and scripting) and server responces. If there is a need to
have status report at any price, you can do it by extending
browser/server core functionality. And you can do it without privacy
exposure like in the mentioned case. There are plenty of FTP Java
applets and ActiveX controls to embed onto your page.

P.S. 80 Gigs over FTP I hope? (I did not read proposal in
Otherwise it would be an athem to uneffectiveness.

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