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How to Include PHP script in shtml file ???

Michael Winter
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On 27/10/2005 23:38, EnjoyNews wrote:


> I thought maybe some javascript in my .html file could execute
> another file, in this case a .php file. [...]

It could, but it's not a good solution. One of the advantages of using
the server is that you can reliably perform actions using it. Using a
client-side script negates this reliability and, let's face it, the
reason why you're looking for a quick way out is because you're not
inclined to make the necessary effort to solve the problem properly.

>> What's a .shtml site, anyway?

> it's a .html file that uses serverside commands like "include file"

I'm well aware of SSI. You missed my point, but it's not important.


> It's rather complicated to rename the files from .shtml to .php,
> since all the serverside commands used in the files, does not work in
> an .php file.

With your server configuration, yes. However, it strikes me as rather
odd that you didn't forsee this issue.


> But how do I get the server to pass .shtml file through PHP. ??

I'm curious to know why it doesn't anyway. An SSI include element should
pass a PHP script through the preprocessor. The URL for the virtual
attribute value (typically preferred over file) can even include a query
string that can be accessed as usual.

If the server is configured with IncludesNOEXEC, rather than Includes,
then an error will result because permission to execute the script was
not granted, but you made no mention of that.


Michael Winter
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