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Hidden Control's value is not showing in javascript on MAC Safari
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I'm using input hidden control's value in the javascript function.

same code is working fine on all other browser except a specific
version of safari(i.e.: MAC OS 10.3.7 and Safari 1.2.4).

control's value is not getting displaying at the first time
when the page gets load, although the same piece of code would work if
I just refresh the page, strage.

declaration of hidden control:
<INPUT id="hSliders" type="hidden" runat="server">

javascript code which is calling the value of hSliders:


this alert is showing nothing although it should display string.

i check the view source also control's value is getting populated.

Any help would greatly appriciated.


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Martin Honnen
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      09-07-2005 Removed) wrote:

> declaration of hidden control:
> <INPUT id="hSliders" type="hidden" runat="server">

That seems to be ASP.NET stuff and not HTML but with HTML an <input>
element should have a name attribute e.g.
<input type="hidden" name="inputName1">
and then with even old browsers you can access lue

Other than that I don't know what could be wrong but it does not help
much here if you show server-side code, in particular for an environment
like ASP.NET which might generate different markup for different browsers.
If you still have problems then post the HTML Safari gets, show us the
HTML markup of the relevant HTML <form> and the relevant <input>.

Of course if your claim that it does not work with "MAC OS 10.3.7 and
Safari 1.2.4" means you have tested with other Safari versions and there
it works then it could also be a bug in Safari. But using a name
attribute could help work around that.


Martin Honnen
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