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Problem creating query string
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Hi guys,

im attempting to build a querystring to use in a to display
a popup box.

Unfortunately im quite new to javascript and find it quite difficult to
get this functioning correctly.

Would someone please have a look and point out any of my glaring
mistakes. im a bit stuck.

Thanks in advance

function PrevAddress()
var txtAD;
txtAd = document.getElementById('txt_TimeAtAddress');
if ((txtAd.value=='1')||(txtAd.value=='2')||( lue=='3'))
{'frm_PreviousAddress.aspx?PreviousSurn ame='+
document.getElementById('txt_PreviousSurname').val ue +
document.getElementById('txt_PreviousHouseName').v alue +
document.getElementById('txt_PreviousHouseNumber') .value +
document.getElementById('txt_PreviousStreetName'). value +
document.getElementById('txt_PreviousTownland').va lue +
'&PreviousTown='+ document.getElementById('txt_PreviousPostTown').va lue
+ '&PreviousPostCode='+
document.getElementByID'txt_PreviousPostcode').val ue ,'', 'width=600',
'height=400', 'top=100', 'left=200', 'menubar=no',



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Firstly, just a little tip.
It is much easier to find issues with such strings, if you use a
variable to hold the string while building it, and then add the
variable as an url-parameter into your function
This would also mean you could alert the string and see how it looks

However - as for your question, then I think the problem is infact with
the latter part of your parameter list in your call:
'width=600','height=400', 'top=100', 'left=200',

This should infact be:
'width=600,height=400,top=100, left=200,menubar=no,resizable=no'
That is a string of parameters seperated by commas, not a comma
seperated list of parameters.
Could be there your issue is burried and not with the actual url, which
to me looks allright.

Hope this helps.

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