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Opera 8 - can it work as Mozilla/IE?

Paul Gorodyansky
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I have a page with a form with a button that shows keyboard image
in a pop-up window (plus some functionality not related to the question)

So if a user clicks on that button, I need:
a) to have pop-up always on top
b) user should be able to type in form

It was discussed back in 2003 -

Nowadays it does work in Mozilla and IE but not in Opera 8 -
but may be I just don't know how...

Mozilla and IE do allow (a) and (b) and do NOT require
<BODY bgcolor="#ffffff" onBlur="self.focus();"> for (a)

Is it any way to achieve (a) and (b) in Opera 8?

Here is working example:

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Martin Honnen
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Paul Gorodyansky wrote:

> So if a user clicks on that button, I need:
> a) to have pop-up always on top
> b) user should be able to type in form

> Here is working example:

I think Opera uses MDI (multiple document interface, see here
<> for an explanation) for its
tabbed windows so in that setting I don't think it is possible to have a
popup window on top of the opening window and set focus to the opening
But Opera allows a setting under
Preferences -> General -> Choose how you prefer to handle pages and
to decide whether to open a popup in a tab or in a truely separate
window so you would need to try whether in that case the dependent
feature Mozilla supports works for Opera too.
Of course that does not help much with any users of your sites as you
don't know their preferences and can't hardly expect them to change
settings but with script and I see no way. As an alternative
you could of course use the DOM to create your keyboard in the same
document as the textarea someone needs to type in, in a dynamically
created div for instance or even a dynamically created iframe.


Martin Honnen
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