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NEWBIE: How to determine if link has been visited earlier?
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Hi All,

I'm trying to create a page with hyperlinks and the code displayed
below is how I display the links. I want to add something to distingish
between links that have been visited and those who haven't. Some kind
of bullet.gif or something.
I want to save the visited links in a cookie and when the page is
opened that the links who have been visited are displayed different.
When I click a link this must be added to the cookie.

function HW(link,tekst,clipdata) {
if (wi==1) {

text2write = b2 + link + "'" + tag + target + "'";
text2write += "onclick='setClip(\"" + clipdata + returnDate() +
text2write +=
text2write += ">" + tekst + L;



function setClip(clipdata) {
if (window.clipboardData) {
window.clipboardData.setData('text', clipdata);

<SCRIPT language=javascript>
HW('myweblink/2005/Rep','Reports 2005','MWL.BRIEF.2005.') Etc...



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