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Form Submit on created popup
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I've a little problem.
I've created a dynamic popup with the document.write method with a form
in it to pass some variables I need.
After the page is created I want to submit the form automatically, but
I dont know how, doesn't works.

Here's the code!

var whandle ="about:blank","pdf",",directories=no,m enubar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=no,width="+(lar ghezzaschermo-100)+",height="+(altezzaschermo-100)+",top=50,left=50");
whandle.document.writeln("<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC '-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0
whandle.document.writeln("<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>RIEPI LOGHI
StrMess += sepRecord;
whandle.document.writeln("<BODY topmargin=0 leftmargin=0 rightmargin=0
whandle.document.writeln("<form name='miostr' action='creaxml.jsp'
method='post' target='pdf'><input type='hidden' name='StrMess'
value='"+StrMess+"'><input type='hidden' name='titolo'
value='"+titolo+"'><input type='hidden' name='param'
value='"+parent.parent.parametri+"'><input type='submit'></form>");
whandle.document.writeln("<script type='text/javascript'>");
whandle.document.writeln("document.miostr.submit() ;");

I think the problem is that the page isn't still completed when try to
submit the form, and something happens.

Instead, if I specify the target of the form as _blank, everything goes
well and the form submit.

If I want to submit on the same page, doesnt works.
Anyone knows how?
Thanks in advance.

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