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CSS padding quirk?

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Hi all,

I've noticed that the CSS padding attribute for DIV
works differently on different browsers. Actually, so
does the left attribute.

On Firefox, padding is added to the entire width
of a DIV, whereas in IE 6.0, it is not.

As for left, the default left value in Firefox
if left unspecified is 0, whereas in IE 6 it isn't.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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IE tried to lock the privacy vulnerability
<> w/o success, just
more mess in its model.

It seems to be nor fixable

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Michael Winter
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On 03/06/2005 16:50, Vespasian wrote:


> On Firefox, padding is added to the entire width
> of a DIV, whereas in IE 6.0, it is not.

When IE6 is put into Standards mode by including a complete DOCTYPE
declaration, it will act correctly. However, earlier versions will
always use the broken model.

Google "Box model" for more information.



Michael Winter
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