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Liveconnect: problem during the init() phase of the applet under IE
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Hi all,

I wrote a small text editor (using a JTextPane) in order to ease the
use of a CMS, in a more
WYSIWYG way. Basically, you can see directly the effect of setting the
background color, the
text color, bold/italic/underlined styles and so on... You can have
several applet on one page
as there is one applet per column and per language.

As it's used in a CMS, it uses liveconnect (javascript interaction)
massively to get the default
values of the styles and the content text from the HTML page.

The problem is that on first page load, the applet doesn't initialize
correctly: the background
color is not always loaded correctly, neither are the text color or
style. It can happen that
the text of one applet is duplicated in another. It even happens that
in place of the content
text, I find the value of the text color (ie. #777777), the value of
the text alignment or

Note the this problem occurs under IE exclusively and fades away on
page reload. Firefox, Opera
and Konqueror work just fine.

So at first sight, the problem is due to a bad page loading in IE, so I
placed several sleep()
in the applet init() method: one before each style initialization. I
also tried to delay applet
initialization with JS.
Sadly, it doesn't seem to have any effect.

Does anyone here already encountered this problem ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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