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Emulate max-width in MSIE/PC width: 36em; max-weidth: 97%; (Solutions a la Sven Tofte don't do it.)

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As a beginner concerning JavaScript, I need some help in general.
I intend to change css-properties via Script.

Since MSIE/PC don't understand max-width in CSS, I need to give it
it's food in form of JavaScript.
With the following code I get the information I need. The width
of an HTML-Element (ID=Wrapper), the width of the viewport (don't
care about the measure of scrollbars), and the difference of the
subtraction (viewportWidth - wrapperwidth).

function maxWidth() {
if (document.getElementById) {
var wrapperWidth =
var viewportWidth = (document.documentElement.clientWidth ?
document.documentElement.clientWidth :
var result = viewportWidth - wrapperWidth;
alert('Width of viewport: ' + viewportWidth + ' px\nWidth of
paragraph: ' + wrapperWidth + '
px\n-------------------------------------\nDifference . . . . . . ' +
result + ' px\n\n');

Example: <>

If the viewport is smaller than the HTML-Element (ID=Wrapper), I get
a result with negative sign by this function. That's what I want.

In a more natural speech I want to do the following:

If container-width = smaller than viewport
then container-width = 42em;
If container-width is taller than viewport
than container-width = 97% of width of viewport;

That means, if the font-size will increased until the container
is wider than the width of viewport, the container's width should
be 97% of width of viewport, but I don't know, how to realize it.

I wasted a couple of hours by trying a lot of code already, but I
can't get the requested result.

In CSS it looks like:
#Wrapper {width: 42em; max-width: 97%;}

The result should looks like:
If you incrase the font-size (in a modern browser, of course), the
container never becomes wider than the viewport.

I wonder if somebody could help me.

Thanks in advance,
Uwe Kaiser
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