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xmlhttp-request and POST ?

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As read in many places i found and tested xmlhttp request...
the problem is that it works with GET, but I want to use
it with POST... i.e it has to be attached on onSUbmit or some such
and send the form-data in some way, get the result and display it..

Does anyone done something like this (i.e.with POST), if yes can you
post the solution
or example code..

It has to be posible, 'cause it seems google uses it in gmail.


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Dietmar Meier
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raptor wrote:

> Does anyone done something like this (i.e.with POST), if yes can you
> post the solution or example code..

I implemented that in a Windows utility for W3C-Validation of markup
documents, the contained code is MSIE-only, but once understood, it
should be easily ported to Geckos. I just did not find the time (and
didn't have the need) yet to extract the code into a all-purpose JS
library for post requests. If there are some people enough interested
in this, I will see if I find some time for that next week.

The mentioned utility can be found here [1], the mentioned code can be
found after installation in %ProgramFiles%\W3C-Validator\validator.hta
(functions "getBoundaryForContent()", "formatRequestData()", and
"doValidatorRequest()"). Sorry for not commenting the code at all, I
stopped working on that when the XP bug mentioned in [2] was fixed.


ciao, dhgm
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