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Selective $SIG{CHLD}

Eric Pozharski
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Context: An object forks multiple childs (with help of IO:ipe, if
that matters). If an object is B<DESTROY>ed then everything is just
fine (there's B<DESTROY> and it works OK). However if filehandles are
closed first then an application get $SIG{CHLD}, obviously. The problem
is that that order (what is B<DESTROY>ed first) is likely out of my

Thus the question. Is there any way (except writing, obviously global,
$SIG{CHLD} handler that would selectively C<IGNORE> or C<DEFAULT> just
got signal) to handle that? Look, I don't understand that as an *easy*
way. I think, that's least intrusive in the outer app environment.

Any comments? I think, the answer is negative.

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