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Need to capture Log of each thread --Parallel::ForkManager;

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Hi All,
In one of my application,i am cloning a process to 4 different
threads,using Parallel::ForkManager module.
Can anyone tell me how can i track each thread ,and is it possible to
create separate log files for each thread.

My Program is something like this....

my $child_proc_mgr=new Parallel::ForkManager($maxprocesses);
for(my $i = $from; $i <=$to; $i++)
{ my $sourcefname=$tmpfname;
my $targetfname=$targetdir;
$sourcefname .= "/".sprintf('%03s',$i);
$targetfname .= "/".sprintf('%03s',$i).".gz";
next if (-e "$targetfname");
next if (-e "$sourcefname.sorting");
next if (-e "$sourcefname.sorted");
$child_proc_mgr->start and next;
my ($src,$sorting,$sorted);
die "\nFile $sourcefname does not exists" if (! -e
open ($src,"< $sourcefname") || die "\nCannot open
$sourcefname for reading $!";
open ($sorting,"> $sourcefname.sorting") ||
die "\nCannot open temp file $sourcefname.sorting for
writing $!";
close $src;
close $sorting;
print "\nSorting file $sourcefname";
sort_file("$sourcefname.sorting","$sourcefname.sor ted");
my $sortstatus= $? >> 8;
if ($sortstatus != 0)
{ unlink $targetfname;
die "\n $sourcefname.sorting -- Sort was failed $!";
print "Sorting successful for file
$sourcefname.sorting to $sourcefname.sorted";

Right now proper logging is not happening,many of the print statements
i have given are not getting captured for each thred.
Any pointers to this will be highly appreciated.

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