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switch case (/regex/) ... $1 - emtpy

Petr Sezemsky
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Why using the regex in switch - case doesn't fill the $1, $2, ..
variables? This code works as I expect:

$_ = "hello world";

if (/he(ll)o/) {
print "OK: $1\n";

but the next doesn't work as the previous:

use Switch;
$_ = "hello world";

switch ($_) {
case (/he(ll)o/) {
print "OK: $1\n";

Thank you for explanation the problem.

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Uri Guttman
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>>>>> "PS" == Petr Sezemsky <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:

PS> Why using the regex in switch - case doesn't fill the $1, $2, ..
PS> variables? This code works as I expect:

PS> #!/usr/bin/perl
PS> use Switch;

that module does source filtering. the actual code that compiles is not
what you put in the file. and because of that it is not recommended to
ever use that module.

PS> $_ = "hello world";

PS> switch ($_) {
PS> case (/he(ll)o/) {
PS> print "OK: $1\n";

you can't easily tell what the code is there and whether the regex is
run just before your print. it appears how you like it but it isn't

perl 5.10 has given/when built in (taken from perl6) which is a proper
switch statement and it supports smart matching as well. this works as
you expect:

perl -le 'use feature ":5.10"; given ("bar") { when( /(a)/ ) { print "$1\n" } }'

see the docs in perlsyn for the full syntax.


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