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gunzip module with arrays
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I'm looking for a code snippet that works to place an unzipped
contents of a file into an array. I thought this should work but get
the following from the code:

$ ./
original: SCALAR(0x6055d30)
Reference_example ARRAY(0x5eaac90)
Array_example toast fruit cereal

# Code snippet
# gunzip example into an array reference
gunzip $input => \@outPut
or die "gunzip failed: $GunzipError\n";

my @outPutArray = @$outPut;

foreach $outRec (@outPutArray) {

print "Referenced: $outPut\n";
print "Dereferenced: @$outPutArray\n";
print "original: @outPut\n";

# Example of array reference that seems to work
my $array1_ref = ['toast', 'fruit', 'cereal'];
my @array = @$array1_ref;

print "Reference_example $array1_ref\n";
print "Array_example @array\n";
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Uri Guttman
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>>>>> "gldc" == gerard l1 demers@verizon com <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:

gldc> gunzip $input => \@outPut
gldc> or die "gunzip failed: $GunzipError\n";

gldc> my @outPutArray = @$outPut;

@outPut is not the same as $outPut.

the former is an array which (supposedly) has the data, the latter is an
unrelated scalar with the same name and is empty. if you had run this
with strict and warnings you would have learned this.


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