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Getting the names for >200 directories
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I am attempting to either put into an array, or just iterate through
all the names of the directories I have.

I can do this with:-

my @dir_names = grep -d "$path/$_", readdir DIR;


opendir(DIR, $path) or die "cant find $path: $!";
while (defined(my $file = readdir(DIR))) {
next if $file =~ /^\.\.?$/;
if (-d "$path$file"){

However there are > 200 directories, and there seems to be a hard
limit of 200 when I try to store or iterate through.

Is there any way round this, and why does it occur?

Many thanks
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OK, seems like its a problem elsewhere in the code as I did a quick
little test of both methods on their own, and they seem to work fine.
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Tad J McClellan
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      08-26-2008 Removed) <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> my @dir_names = grep -d "$path/$_", readdir DIR;


> while (defined(my $file = readdir(DIR))) {
> next if $file =~ /^\.\.?$/;
> if (-d "$path$file"){


Where is the directory separator?

Tad McClellan
email: perl -le "print scalar reverse qq/moc.noitatibaher\100cmdat/"
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