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Getting MySQL table info in perl script

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      11-03-2007 the column name, definitions (varchar(100) etc). The most
obvious way is to parse the output from describe table_name. Is there
an easier way? My goal is to create a generic INSERT sub, which takes
as args table_name and a hash reference, eg:

$table_name = "TheTable";
$hash(Int1) = 99;
$hash(Float2) = 1.54;
$hash(String7) = "Goodbye cruel world";

...where Float2, Int1, String7 are some but not all cols in mysql table
TheTable. The sub is invoked as follows:

DoInsert($table_name, \%hash);

DoInsert will generate and execute the INSERT statement, NULLing out
fields not in %hash, single quoting string fields, etc., maybe even
doing data tyep compatibility tests. I would be happy to learn that
some one has beaten me to it, and a procedure like DoInsert already

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