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Windows: Mapi wrapper to redirect email to a script?
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I have a scanner with a scanning software that has a "scan to email"
button, that opens a mapi email client (e.g. outlook express) and
attaches the scanned file.
What I would like instead is a "scan to script" button (after the
scan, a (perl/bash/python...) script X is run with
the name of the scanned file as parameter).
So I thought I could "program" my own MAPI mail client in perl (as
outlook express substitute) that does
nothing but runs program X. However, the whole mapi business seems a
bit tiresome.
So my question: does there already exist a nice mapi "wrapper", that
can be registered as mapi
email client in windows XP (so that I can later select it as email
client in the scan software) and that does basically nothing (in my
case, just decode the attachment information and then run an external
program X with the
attachement file name as parameter)?
I could imagine that such a wrapper is quite complicated if it has to
comply with all possible mapi scenarios, but I would be quite happy
with a mapi wrapper that just works in the scenario mentiones, it can
just produce error codes in all other cases (e.g. if another program
requests the address book or whatever else mapi was made for).


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