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Setting up a SOAP client that is technically a server

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I have a requirement for a process to distribute or "push" work, via
to a set of satellite processes.

When it starts each satellite must register its presence via SOAP with
the central process, and the latter must then connect as a client to
satellite with the latter technically acting as a SOAP server (to be
to wait for requests). Of course this means the central process must
use a distinct URL (with a unique/ephemeral port number?) for each
satellite process.

(This "back-to-front" approach is required because SOAP apparently
does not support client requests that will wait until data is
before returning from the SOAP call, and this polling will become
processor and network intensive when there are large numbers
of satellite processes.)

All the processes are written in perl, and although I've used
in standard apps, both client and server, my experience doesn't extend
to the scenario described above and web searches for relevant code
examples have been fruitless.

If anyone can suggest a reference, preferably on the web, or sketch
client and server code that should achieve what I am after, that will
be much appreciated. One challenge is to decide on the URLs.

(Note that the satellite processes do not have to return results
via their "push" SOAP connections - For that purpose they can
act as conventional SOAP clients with the central process as
the SOAP server.)


John R Ramsden

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