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Help: Binary

Amy Lee
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Is there any programs that can convert perl codes to binary mode?

I use Linux system.

Thanks in advance~

Amy Lee
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Michele Dondi
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On Wed, 27 Jun 2007 22:39:16 +0800, "Amy Lee"
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>Is there any programs that can convert perl codes to binary mode?

Probably yes, granted that you specify (i) what is "perl codes" and
(ii) what to "convert to binary mode" may possibly mean. The closest
thing I can think of that could make sense out of your question is

perldoc -f binmode

But then you may also be interested in the ':raw' open() layer.

Or perhaps you want a binary executable out of a Perl source? Then see
PAR. In any case you're forcing use to use our esp fu and give answer
to two different questions, none of which may the one you actually
have in your mind, only because you didn't mind taking care of
specifying the latter clearly enough!

>I use Linux system.

Irrelevant except possibly for the fact that binmode() shouldn't be
needed there. But using it shouldn't do harm.

>Thanks in advance~

Than YOU in advance for asking your question more clearly next time,
which you will do, won't you?

{$_=pack'B8'x25,unpack'A8'x32,$a^=sub{pop^pop}->(map substr
256),7,249);s/[^\w,]/ /g;$ \=/^J/?$/:"\r";print,redo}#JAPH,
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Tad McClellan
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Amy Lee <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> Is there any programs that can convert perl codes to binary mode?

Yes. (I think)

> I use Linux system.

Me too.

> Thanks in advance~

You're welcome.

Tad McClellan
email: perl -le "print scalar reverse qq/moc.noitatibaher\100cmdat/"
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