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Using one methods variable value in another method inside a module

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The below script if I am writing in a script its working fine but I
want to make this a module.

As the subroutine this (load_school_template ) will store the values

the get_course_info will display the values.
But I am not clear about the reference so I am using simple array that
is @template_subject_period. And by using the
same @template_subject_period array in the get_course_info subroutine
I am getting the output as name of the subject and number of periods
by giving input the no of years.

But inside the get_course_info method the @template_subject_period
value is not used.

My requirement is the get_course_info method should give out put as
the subject name and the no. of periods when
i will give input as "periods_1" or periods_2" etc..

this is the XML file from which I am getting the out :
================================================== =========================
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<class-template marker="1" name="4 *" />
<class-template marker="2" name="5 *" />
<class-template marker="3" name="1 *" />
<class-template marker="4" name="2 *" />
<class-template marker="5" name="3 *" />
<subject-template name="maths" periods_1="5" periods_2="5"
periods_3="4" periods_4="4" periods_5="4" />
<subject-template name="geography" periods_1="5" periods_2="5"
periods_3="4" periods_4="4" periods_5="4" />
<subject-template name="physics" periods_1="4" periods_2="4"
periods_3="3" periods_4="3" periods_5="3" />
<subject-template name="chemistry" periods_1="4" periods_2="4"
periods_3="-" periods_4="-" periods_5="-" />
<subject-template name="science" periods_1="2" periods_2="2"
periods_3="3" periods_4="3" periods_5="3" />

================================================== =========================
this is the module i want to make: name:
================================================== =====================
package TPWizardMgr;
use strict;
use XML:OM;

sub new
my $class = shift;
my $self = {};
bless $self, $class;

# load school types from config file
$self->{school_types} = [];
$self->{load_school_template} = [];
return $self;

sub load_school_template
my $self = shift;
my $len ;
my $item;
my @years;
my $periods;
my $subject_name;
our @template_subject_period;
my $parser = new XML:OM:arser;
my $doc = $parser->parsefile ("/usr/local/apache2/wizard_data/

foreach my $school_template($doc-

$len = $school_template-
>getElementsByTagName('subject-template')->getLength() ;

@years =
('periods_1','periods_2','periods_3','periods_4',' periods_5');
for(my $i = 0;$i<$len;$i++)
$item = $school_template-

$subject_name = $item-

for my $count (0..4)
$periods = $item-

(@template_subject_period, [$subject_name,$years[$count], $periods]);



sub get_course_info
my $self = shift;
my $subject_name = shift;
my @years = shift;
my $periods = shift;
my $count = shift;
print "Please enter period to get subject and number of
periods \n";
my $gotperiod = <>;
for(my $i=0;$i <= $#template_subject_period;$i++)
#print $#template_subject_period . "\n";
print $#{$self->{load_school_template}. "\n";
print "inside for loop\n";
if($template_subject_period[$i]->[1] eq $gotperiod)
push (@template_subject_period, [$subject_name,
$years[$count], $periods]);
print "Subject:\t" .
$template_subject_period[$i]->[0] . $template_subject_period[$i]-
>[2] . "\n";

return $self->{get_course_info};


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