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problems mime::lite

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a small end of code
a small end of code contains die
but how to check that the email to pass in parameter is valid

my($attachement,$nom,$prenom,$mail,$body) = @_;

my $message_body .= $nom;
$message_body .= "\n";
$message_body .= $prenom;
$message_body .= "\n";
$message_body .= $body;

my $mime_msg = MIME::Lite->new(
From => $from_adress,
To => $mail,
Subject => 'contact',
Type => 'TEXT',
Data => $message_body,
) or die "error creating MIME body: $!\n";
if($attachement eq undef){
my $attachement_upload = '/var/www/html/upload/';
$attachement_upload .= $attachement;
Type => 'image/gif',
Path => $attachement_upload,
Filename => 'attachement.gif'
) or die "error attaching image: $!\n";
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Tad McClellan
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john.swilting <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> if($attachement eq undef){

That probably does not do what you want.

If you want to test for undef, then:

if ( ! defined $attachement ) {

If you want to test for empty string then:

if ( $attachement eq '' )
if ( ! length $attachement )

Tad McClellan SGML consulting Removed) Perl programming
Fort Worth, Texas
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