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Inserting into a database

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Im currently inserting data into a database from a log file. This is
done by matching words from a log file and placing the line of the log
file into the database field. This is repeated for each log file in the

Currently I can get the information into the correct fields of the
My problem is when a word is not matched in the log file that the
script is looking through and thus, not placed into the database field.
As a result, the next line of information is not then imported into the
log file when it should be! The script should not match the previous
word - leave the field in the database blank and then carry on with the
pattern matching - filling in the remaining fields.

Current code (not working code because i think you need to have a
database to understand the problem - and im not sure how placing
working code (without database) would help!:

use strict;
use warnings;
use DBI;

my @filenames = </home/username/logs/*.log>;
foreach my $filename (@filenames)
open my $LOG, '<', $filename or die "can't open $filename: $!\n";

my ($info, $elapsed1, $fast, $elapsed2, $inversions, $elapsed3 );
if (/updates table/)
print "$_\n";
$info = $_;
if (/elapsed/)
print "[$_]\n";

if ($inversions)
$elapsed3 = $_;
elsif ($fast)
$elapsed2 = $_;
elsif ($info)
$elapsed1 = $_;
if (/FASTSEARCH|conflicting/)
print "$_\n";
$fast = $_;
if (/inversions/)
print "$_\n";
$inversions = $_;
my $dbh = DBI ->connect("dbi:Oracle:server", "database", "password")
or die "couldn't connect to database: $DBI::errstr\n";

$dbh->do("INSERT INTO TEST2 (sfd, w, sdf, hfg, rt, bv, te)
VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)", undef,
$filename, $info, $elapsed1, $fast, $elapsed2, $inversions,


When i change 'elsif ($fast)' to ($fast or " ") it solves the problem
(includes the field after the blank field) but it leaves the whole
column of elapsed1 blank - is this because it is in a loop and can only
do 1 thing or another but not both? Is there a way to solve this?
I have also tried changing the last elsif statement to 'else' but to no


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Brian McCauley
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MattJ83 wrote:

> Subject: Inserting into a database

> Current code (not working code because i think you need to have a
> database to understand the problem - and im not sure how placing
> working code (without database) would help!:

I think you have a serious problem parititioning problem. I strongly
doubt your problem has anything whatever to do with inserting to a
database. If you replaced the line of code that inserts the results of
your parsing operation into the database with a simple print statement
then your parser would still (miss-)behave exactly the same.

Also you code is erratically indented. This makes it very hard to
follow. I had to import it into an editor and hit auto-indent before I
stood a chance.

Please try it. If I'm right then please produce a mimimal but complete
(cleanly indented) program that doesn't need a database and post it
here with sample input.

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