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TLS script
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I have poked around but haven't been able to figure this out:

I need to create a script that will go out and check a few TLS FTP
sites we have at my work. It needs to check every day to see if any new
file(s) have been placed since the previous day. If there is a new
file, the script should send me an email notification.

I have something similar working for "normal" FTP sites that uses
Net::FTP. It connects to each FTP site, finds the most recent file
modification time with $ftp->mdtm($file), then compares this time to
the value held in a simple text file i've set up.

I don't think Net::Lite::FTP would allow me to determine modification
time on a TLS FTP site. I have only used it to push/pull files to a TLS

A few folks I have asked this question to have said "write a shell
script" but I don't know how to start. "Use wget or curl", etc, they

Any ideas for me?


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Tad McClellan
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      09-07-2006 Removed) <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> Subject: TLS script

What is "TLS" ?

Tad McClellan SGML consulting
(E-Mail Removed) Perl programming
Fort Worth, Texas
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