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uploading to another web site's web page assistance

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Please read the entire reponse, hopefully this clears up your questions.

The data used that needs to go into the batchupload page comes from a
server. My problem is that currently I write a file to the server and then
the user has to pick this file and send it up to the batchupload page. The
batchupload page is not one of our page, instead it is another company's
page. This is there interface to do batch processing. We have no control
over it. We just call this page "batchupload" with a file and other
parameters. I am attempting to call the page "batchupload" and send fill in
the parameters with out first creating the file. Is this possible? Do you
understand our problem.

First batchupload is a page from another company. It is used for their
batch processing. Request parameters include a file <html input type=file> -
does this have to be a file or some other data stream stored on the page and
then sent over to this page?

The html page I sent you would be a page that was written for us to
communicate with the batchupload page. I can hard code all of the other
parameters except for the input type=file. Instead of writing out a file, I
would like to buffer the file data into an page and then just send
all of the information at once over to the "batchupload" page.

I know that I can use
httpppost('123'&programnumber='ABC'&xml= ?????????)
How do I specify the xml, since this variable is a file. What has to be in
the data stream of xml, so that it appears to be a file, but is actually a
character string?

Hopefully this clears up the confusion.



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