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Mozilla + Thunderbird IMAP failure

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I've got a problem with IMAP on Thunderbird versions 0.5, 0.6 and
Mozilla 1.6-r1. The problem is, that when I've selected two or three
folders, there is no more communication with the server. This means
that when no indexfiles have been built for a folder yet, that I can't
see the contents of that folder anymore. I have to restart Thunderbird
to re-enable proper server-communications. When this error has
occurred, other applications, like Squirrelmail webmail, can't access
the IMAP server either anymore, until I exit Thunderbird. If I use
KMail (for example) instead of Thunderbird, everything works fine,
inculding concurrent access with Kmail and Squirrelmail. I've tried
setting the "maximum number of server-connections to cache" to 500, it
didn't help.

System info:
OS: Linux
Kernel: 2.4.26
IMAP-server: courier 3.0.2
Thunderbird versions tested: 0.5 and 0.6
Mozilla version tested: 1.6-r1

Anybody got any ideas?

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